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No two rugs are exactly alike. They are made differently, used differently, and very often need to be cleaned differently. That is why our entire cleaning process, from the specialized equipment to the solutions that we use, is designed around the specific needs of YOUR rugs.

Klean Rug Cleaning


We take the time necessary to pre-inspect each rug that comes in for cleaning and we will note any cleaning concerns you may have. 

If you elect to have Klean Rug of Charlotte pick up your area rugs, we will complete a full pre-inspection in our shop prior to beginning any services. In all situations, we will discuss with you any condition that may impact our ability to clean your rugs safely and effectively.

Our trained rug specialists also inspect for the following issues:


  • Dye stability
  • Spots
  • Stains
  • Pet urine damage
  • Traffic patterns
  • Soil levels
  • Overall condition
  • Fringe damage
  • End and edge wear

Dry Soil Removal (Dusting)

To obtain the best results on the wash floor, we need to first remove all of the impacted soils at the base of the rug fibers that weekly vacuuming may miss. Using a combination of harmonic vibration and powerful vacuuming over the front and back sides of your rugs, we are able to remove these soils before your rugs come to the wash floor.

If any rug is determined to be too fragile for our standard dusting process, we are able customize our approach and use alternative methods to ensure safe handling of the rug.

Rug Washing

The Klean Rug of Charlotte wash process is built around the individual needs of each individual rug. No rugs are co-mingled on our wash floor, which eliminates any risk of cross-contamination from dirty waste water from another rug. Each rug is washed one at a time with clean, cold water and cleaning solutions specifically formulated to be safe for use on a number of specialty rug fibers, including wool, silk, and cotton.

No matter where in the world your rug is from, we’re able to create a cleaning protocol that is safe for the fibers and dyes found in your rug!

Living room rug

 Oriental Rugs:

• Persia
• Turkey
• Tribal
• Morocco
• Tibet
• Pakistan
• Afghanistan
• India
• China
• Navajo

Designer Rugs:

• Custom made
• Tencel
• Faux Silk
• Bordered
• Inset bordered
• Flatweave

Everyday Rugs:

• Tufted
• Machine woven
• Bound remnants
• Walk-off mats

 If any rug is determined to be too fragile for our standard washing process, we are able customize our approach and use alternative methods to ensure safe handling of the rug.

Rinsing & Drying

To achieve a shiny, soft finished texture, every rug is rinsed until the suds are gone and the water runs clear. Rugs are then placed in our humidity-controlled drying space to be hung until it is completely dry before receiving a final fringe and pile detailing.

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

It is important to understand that to effectively remove pet urine odors, we need to locate and remove the pet urine deposits.

Even trace amounts left behind after spot cleaning at home can become a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

To ensure complete odor removal, we treat the entire rug with copious amounts of water and specially formulated urine decontamination solutions that are safe to use on your fine rugs. These are worked into the rug and flushed all the way through to the back of the rug so that no fibers are missed.


Our odor control process also works well on cooking odors, nicotine odors, cooking smells, musty odors.

If an area rug becomes so badly pet urine damaged that structural issues exist such as rotting foundation yarns, alkaline burn, or rotted areas, we will likely recommend replacing your rug instead of cleaning it, as these are not reversible conditions.

Specialty Rugs - Silk

Specialty Fiber Care

Klean Rug of Charlotte specializes in cleaning even the most difficult and delicate fiber types. Our years of experience and advanced rug care training allows us to treat these fibers without risk of damage or discoloration.


Some of the fibers we specialize in cleaning are:

  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Rayon
  • Art-Silk
  • Silk
  • Jute
  • Viscose
  • Bamboo Silk
  • Cotton
  • Sisal
  • Tencel
  • Metallic Threads