Klean Rug of Charlotte – Rug Repair

Serving Charlotte and the Surrounding Areas Since 1998

When your area rugs start to break down or become damaged, we’re here to help restore them to their former beauty. We gladly provide no-obligation quotes for hand repair and color repair services, while also considering the overall monetary value and life-expectancy of your rugs.

Rug Repair

When day-to-day life starts to wear down your rugs, we can bring them back to life!
All of our dye correction repairs and most of our area rug repairs are done right here in Charlotte.

If your area rug needs more involved repairs, our rug weaving experts in Omaha, NE are on hand to consult with us and provide a repair quote. We will help facilitate any shipping and handling. We’ll let you know when your rugs arrive in Omaha, and when they are returned to us ready to be picked up.

  • Broken corners
  • Damaged edges
  • Pet chewed areas
  • Missing side cords
  • Small holes
  • Knife cuts
  • Worn areas
  • Moth damage
  • Plant rot
Rug Repair Klean Rug

Fringe Repair

In addition to just being pretty or decorative, the fringes of your area rugs perform a vital function. They are the last line of defense before the foundation yarns of your rug become loose and start to unravel. Preserving the fringes and the ends of your area rugs helps to preserve their value.

If the fringes on your rugs need repair or replacing, we’re happy to provide a repair quote to you!


  • Vacuum cleaner damage
  • Missing tassels
  • Worn or unraveling
  • Bleach damage
  • Pet chewed
  • Extreme soiling

Dye Bleed & Color Correction

When the dyes of your rug have bled, there’s no need to panic! We have skilled dye repair technicians on staff to help. While improvement over perfection is the goal, you might just be surprised at the level of restoration that can be achieved in most cases!

Common Causes of Dye Bleed Issues

  • Pet urine stains
  • Water intrusion bleeding
  • High pH over-the-counter spotters
  • Unskilled carpet cleaners