Frequently Asked Questions

My dog had an accident on my rug. I spot cleaned it myself, but the odor is still there. Can you remove the odor?

When pet stains are the cause of an odor, we take extra steps to treat the odor-causing bacteria at the source with specially formulated urine odor control products meant for safe use on fine rugs. Our regular washing process will only improve this type of pet urine odor problem, but it will not remove the odor completely. These extra steps really are necessary.

Most over-the-counter products are very damaging to most fine rugs and can cause dye bleed, chemically burned fibers, permanent discoloration, and still won’t effectively remove the odor. Please avoid these kinds of spot removers. Ask us about the spot remover we carry that is safe for use on fine area rugs!

Dog Peeing on Rug